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"I have found the staff to be extremely friendly and so helpful "
May 03, 2021
"I came to Suburban with a lot of leg pain and within three weeks I was 95% better. The physical therapy in the office and the exercises they gave me to do at home really worked. Thank you a lot to the staff of Suburban."
Nov 29, 2020
"After having a total knee replacement I received PT at Suburban PT. I found recovery much more difficult than I thought it was going to be, and each and every person at Suburban was supportive, encouraging, and pushed me when I needed it. Going from pain and weakness before the surgery to strength and comfort I attribute to their positive gung-ho attitude and willingness to try different things when something wasn’t working. I highly recommend Suburban PT! "
Sep 11, 2019


Everyone was just great. It was a fabulous experience and I feel so much better!


I would definitely recommend your facility. I found the staff very friendly and knowledgeable.


You are all compassionate and making everyone feel comfortable. It is a very warm and friendly atmosphere.